Bull Group Co., Ltd. (“Bull”), founded in 1995, is a leading enterprise in civil electrical industry which integrates research, development, manufacture and sale of products. At present, the company possesses four major industries: extended line socket, wall switch, LED lighting and digital accessories, and owns four major manufacturing bases: Guanhaiwei, Guyao, Longshan, Kuanyan, together with more than 10,000 employees and over 800,000 sales outlets, By the end of 2018, the company had obtained a total of 703 patents.

All the time, adapter has been the uppermost business of Bull. Since its establishment in 1995, Bull has been specializing in technical research and development in the field of adapters. At present, in the field of adapters, Bull has obtained more than 300 national patents, and has been equipped with 131 full sets of top-level instruments and facilities as well as development software that meets international standard. The sales channels spread across more than 300 city throughout the country and more than 800,000 terminals. At the same time, the products have also been successfully sold to India, Philippines and other overseas markets. As a socket expert and leader, Bull has always been an absolute leader in the domestic adapter market. Since 2001 to now, it has been winning the first place in selling adapters within the domestic market for 16 consecutive years.

In 2008, Bull completely entered the field of wall switches and sockets. It took “decoration” as an important strategic position and creatively applied a variety of new materials and new processes in the field of switches and sockets to produce many personalized products suitable for different home furnishing styles, such as high crystalline glass switches, 3D diamond surface switches, aluminum and magnesium alloy switches, phantom texture switches, framed switches, electronic touchable switches and other series of decorative switches, which are well received by consumers, completely changed the overwhelming status of white switches, and led the switch industry into a “personalization” era. Bull has introduced and independently researched and developed a large number of facilities for producing, machining and testing which are of leading level both at home and abroad, such as IMR inside film transfer printing equipment, double-color injection molding equipment, automatic injection molding equipment, automatic assembling equipment for switches and sockets, automatic image measuring instrument and so on, which ensures high quality of products and high efficiency of production. Since wall switch business of Bull was started, the sales amount has been increasing at a high speed, and the sales scale of Bull ranked first in the whole industry in 2015.

In 2014, Bull officially entered the LED industry, and now it has a number of senior experts in LED industry and many R&D and innovation teams. Bull insists on independent innovation and R&D of its Eye-caring LED products, which not only possess the consistent reliable quality of Bull products, but also involve the concept of “eye-caring”, as well as ensure the safety of household electricity usage and the health of the family. Becoming a leader in basic lighting of family decoration is the goal for Bull to pay unremitting efforts to reach. Up to now, Bull has launched a series of new products, such as Eye-caring LED light bulb, LED light strip, LED spotlight, reading light, etc.

With the popularization of mobile terminals and the changes in users’ demands for charging, Bull began to focus on USB digital products, and put forward the “digital superfine product strategy” in 2016, which marked the transformation of Bull from serving household electrical appliances to serving digital products. Bull devotes itself to manufacturing the fast-charging, safe, stable, reliable and portable digital products through gathering sophisticated professionals for production, sales and R&D from leading domestic enterprises, such as Foxconn. At present, a large number of digital superfine products such as portable power source, unbreakable data cable, etc., have been listed.