We insist on “loyal and sincere” services, take “deeds accord with words” as our concept in doing business, and persist with a “professional and dedicated” attitude toward work in the field we are good at. During these years, we are making unremitting efforts to shoulder the responsibility of “creating a safe and comfortable experience of electricity using for consumers” and “becoming a leader in the international civil electric industry”.

Be Energetic and Build Up a Positive Team

Keep healthy, guide the construction of corporate culture with positive energy, and organize more diversified health and entertainment activities based on
the strength of Party Association.

Edification of Culture

Organize a number of positive cultural activities,
let employees experience corporate culture
via participating these activities.

Innovative Development

Guide staff to carry out the active and diversified team building activities
through magazines, Wechat Official Account, newspapers, publicity
windows and radio in new forms and from new angles.

Team Expansion

Deal well with cultural construction of the team by basing on teams of Party members, group members, publicists, nutritionists and club members.

Construction of Cultural Position

Speed up the construction of cultural position to meet the needs of employees for daily activities and enrich employees’ amateur life.

Loving Care Project-Contribution of Bull to the Society

Based on the establishment of “Bull Positive Energy Loving Care Project”, we set up the Group Charity Branch and Bull Red Cross Branch to give full play to our sense of social responsibility, fulfill our duties of loving others and provide aid on aspects of environmental protection, education, poverty relieving, and care of the elderly.